Glowspin has a new take on Calendars

September 15, 2009

Tyler Newton recieved an advertising calendar in the mail and saw room for improvement. So he started a company and named it Glowspin.
“I saw the calendar and thought that I could do a couple things different if I made one.” Newton said.
Newton, who is a Finance major at BYU, created an advertising calendar directed at students. “I have a student’s mindset, so I made an ad calendar that had students in mind.” Newton said.
So, Newton and a couple of friends went out and sold advertising space and coupon space to various businesses in the Orem/Provo area including BYU, UVU, Carl’s JR., Trafalga and Seven Peaks.
Then Newton and his coworkers designed, printed and distributed their student ad-calendar to 9,000 student apartments in the Orem/Provo area.
Most companies that used the calendar found it beneficial, while some found it too beneficial.
“We actually had some companies not use us again because they couldn’t handle all of the customers that came in to the store.” Newton said.
Now Newton is trying to perfect all the aspects of being a business owner. “I’m trying to learn more about designing and advertising while still pinching the pennies.”

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