UTAH STUDENT 25 – two things to do

October 9, 2010

1.  If you are a student at ANY university or college in the state of Utah and have a business with as little as one dollar of revenue (sales), then please make sure to apply to be recognized at www.UtahStudent25.com, the ranking of the Top 25 student-founded businesses celebrated at the November 4 Awards Gala at the Grand America and published in Utah CEO Magazine (similar to an Inc 500 for Utah student businesses).  SPECIAL OFFER: If you nominate a friend who gets in the Top 25 or you are one of the Top 25, I will take you to lunch and mentor you – just ask.

2.  You may attend the Networking Reception and Awards Gala on November 4 for a discounted price, too.  To attend you need to register at http://2010utahstudent25.eventbrite.com — students can attend for $35, about half of this elegant night’s food costs.  Students in the Top 25 attend for FREE, of course.

John Richards, Founder
Utah Student 25