Utah Student 25 Nominee Goes Green

James Marshall, a BYU student from Bountiful studying entrepreneurship and business management, took on a sustainability effort when he started One Man’s Trash last fall. One Man’s Trash offers curbside recycling pick-up to apartment complexes near BYU campus.

Wanting to start a small business they could run while attending school, Marshall and a friend found many BYU students feel strongly about recycling, but were frustrated at the lack of recycling services available in Utah.

“We were delighted to find an idea that has turned out to be not only a great learning experience for us, but has also benefited the community and the environment,” Marshall said.

He said although Provo offers curbside recycling pick-up with a similar monthly fee, the city’s program is not available to apartment addresses. Now, thanks to One Man’s Trash, students don’t have to haul their recyclables up to campus.

An apartment or house can sign up for $8/month. Blue recycling bags are provided, and clients fill these bags with plastics, cans, paper, cardboard, newspaper, etc. every week. The clients do not need to sort the recyclables. One Man’s Trash collects the recyclables every Saturday morning and delivers them to a local recycling plant.

One Man’s Trash, also known as The Go Green Initiative, serviced 95 apartments during Fall Semester and is currently serving about 250, Marshall said. At an average of five roommates per apartment, this recycling program serves about 1,200 students.

After finishing their first semester in the business, the company made a goal to recycle 20,000 pounds during Winter Semester. Marshall said they have recycled an estimated 18,000 pounds so far.

“We’ve been impressed with the effort students are willing to make in order to protect the environment,” he said. “We are also impressed with the great job BYU recycling has done on campus. It seems like there are more recycling bins than garbage cans now!”






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