Student entrepreneur creates Fence Defense

Matt Fischer didn’t know that helping around the house would lead to running a successful business. 

After returning home from serving an LDS mission, he started to experiment with different stains on his parents’ old fence. That’s when the neighbors noticed. “My neighbors saw our fence and wanted theirs stained,” Fischer said. “After about the third or fourth house it just became a business.”

Shortly after the neighborhood makeover, Fischer founded Fence Defense without having started a business before. But Fischer gained valuable experience as he helped his friends build the Hogi Yogi franchise as an employee in his teenage years. “I had a pretty good grasp on how businesses were built because I saw Hogi Yogi start from the ground up.”

In the beginning, Fischer split his time between studying Entrepreneurship at BYU and building his business. “It was great to start Fence Defense while I was in school because a lot of the things I was learning applied directly to building a business.”

Fence Defense, based out of Orem, continues to grow in its eighth year of business. Fischer hired a manager for the first time to deal with the day to day operations so he could focus more on expanding the business and re-launching their website.

Fischer’s advertising creativity kicked in when he decided to build a company float after attending the Rose Parade in California. “Business was going well and we had some extra money and needed to do some advertising,” Fischer said with a smile. “So I said, ‘why not build a float?’ and the rest is history.”

What Fischer calls a ‘patio on wheels’ is the Fence Defense float that has made it’s rounds through all the various city parades in Utah county. The float consists of a deck on top for people to stand, while the sides are fitted with both old, untreated wood fencing and newly stained wood fencing to show the before and after effect of Fence Defense.

“Once people see the difference we can make for their fence and decks, that’s when they call,” Fischer said. “We are in the business of making people happy about their yards again.”

Fischer was excited to hear about the Utah Student 25 competition, which honors the top 25 student-run businesses in Utah. “People don’t know that so many of these popular businesses they frequent are run by students,” Fischer said. “To me, this competition seems like a great resource for anyone who wants to hire an innovative thinker.”

While he’s crossing his fingers that he’ll win the Utah Student 25 competition, Fischer plans on doing something he’s already done before: Start a business while in school.  “I just get motivated to start a business while I’m learning all about them in school.”

                Fischer plans to start his new business as he pursues his Masters in Advertising next Fall.



For more information on Fence Defense, contact them at

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