So……what’s the point?

Heard about the Utah Student 25 awards program, but not quite sure why it matters to you?  Well let’s find out if it does.

1) Do you live in/have you ever lived in/will you ever live in the state of Utah?

  • If so, then this program is important because it is recognizing the upcoming businesses that will re-shape the economic and social face of Utah!

2)  Are you a member of or do you know of a student-founded business?

  • If so, you should apply for consideration in this program or nominate another student that you know – trust me, the free advertising from it alone is worth filling out a few pages.

3)  Ok, so maybe that criteria applies to only a limited number of people but here’s why it’s important to EVERYONE –

  • These businesses represent the hope of our economy.  Things are down right now, but that doesn’t mean everything is negative.  These student entrepreneurs are already planning for and providing the future stability for our economy.  This program links this young businesses with experienced professionals to help them succeed in the market and establish Utah – and the up-and-coming generation – as leaders in the business world. 

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